Search and Rescue

December 2nd, 2021

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Ezekiel 34:9-16

Several years ago, while vacationing, I was shopping with my four-year-old daughter. She let go of my hand, I looked down, and she was gone. I didn’t panic because it had just been a moment. But as seconds turned into minutes my heart began to sink and panic overtook me. A worker and I cleared the store then she hit an alarm and called the police while I ran outside.

My attention was drawn down the road, to a parking lot where I could see men rushing into a van. I immediately ran toward the van. Along the way there was heavy traffic and overgrown shrubbery, and I lost sight of the van. As I came into the parking lot, I heard my daughter crying under a shrub. I scooped her up and held her tighter than ever before and cried with her.

Whenever I think of that 5-minute ordeal, I think of how God feels when we are lost and how He will stop at nothing to rescue His children! You may feel at times that you have strayed from God and His presence. You can be sure that He is continuously seeking us out wherever we are!

Author: Kelly Brown


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