Powerless to Prominent

November 22nd, 2021

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Genesis 41:37-43

Joseph certainly paid his dues. If it was his arrogance that got him into the mess of being enslaved in Egypt, it was his faithfulness to God that led him through it. Joseph endured slavery, false accusations, imprisonment, fear of execution, and alienation from all he had known. This process took years. Joseph, while certainly blessed, was not spared difficulties and unjust treatment. Still, he was faithful to God through it all.

God had given Joseph a special gift. He interpreted two dreams while in prison and the interpretations came true. The cupbearer would live, and the baker would die. What a responsibility to interpret dreams!

Joseph had confidence that God was using him, and as a result it was the cupbearer who recommended Joseph to interpret the dream of Pharaoh. This time with humility and servitude. Joseph was able to do something that no one else in Pharaoh’s court could do. To the glory of God, Joseph was given a position of power in the kingdom, and this time, he knew what to do with it.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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