Patience and Perseverance

November 21st, 2021

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James 5:7-12

My son likes to plant seeds, but often wants to see progress right away. I tell him that seeds take time, and we must be patient. Each day we will check on the seeds, water them if needed, and make sure they are getting the right amount of sunlight.

Patience seems to be waiting for some things, while perseverance seems to be waiting for a different or new thing while going through a difficult or challenging situation. As James 5:10 says it is “patience in the face of suffering.” Job is probably the ultimate example of perseverance in scripture. Imagine going through all that Job did and to continue to bring glory to God.

The challenges that we are facing don’t seem as big when looking at Job’s life. However, we are not to compare but to remain faithful. We are called to walk with the Lord through our storms of life and to remain faithful. Hard times will come. It is how we respond, and how we show resilience, in those times that will be to our testament like so many that have gone before us.

Author: Joseph Heath

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