Being Forgotten

November 18th, 2021

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Genesis 40:9-23

Even in our darkest times, people can forget you and your needs.  In this passage, Joseph gave favorable information to the cupbearer, only to be forgotten when things transpired as Joseph said they would.

When things are going well, do we also forget those around us, those in need? How does it feel to be forgotten? We all forget things, even other people—even people who are important to us.  Just because we are forgotten does not mean that we are not important to someone, just as when we forget someone it does not mean that they are not important to us. We need to take time to appreciate those around us and not make a habit of forgetting others. We certainly don’t want to end up like the chief baker and lose our heads.

Look around and see the people around you.  Recognize them, those you already know and those you have a chance to get to know. Perhaps it is just a smile or a wave. It might be a short conversation or introduction. We all like to be remembered.

Author: Joseph Heath


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