Integrity Is Costly

November 16th, 2021

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Genesis 39:10-20a

Joseph went from having much as a member of his family to having nothing as a slave. He went from having great responsibility to having nothing as a prisoner. Following God does not always lead to great experiences; sometimes it is costly. Our faith might cost us everything—everything that the world has to offer for sure.

Joseph’s story reminds us that having faith and keeping our integrity will provide more positive outcomes in the long run. Joseph’s integrity and faith in God keeps bringing him back to positive outcomes again and again, despite the difficult moments. In the end, Joseph is able to be with his family once again. He forgave them for what they had done, and he was able to help save a nation from disastrous outcomes.

We hope that our integrity and good morals do not send us to prison—making the right choices in life is not always easy or looked well upon by others. Our decisions should be centered on Christ and the way that He is leading and guiding us, no matter the cost.

Author: Joseph Heath


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