Integrity Is Utmost

November 15th, 2021

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Genesis 39:1-9

Joseph’s story is a hard one to put ourselves into. His life was exceedingly difficult at times, yet God was with him and blessed him.  Through the work of the Lord, Joseph had much responsibility and success. Joseph was put in charge of the entire house of Potiphar. When temptations came, Joseph was able to recognize what it was. He knew that it was against his master and against God.

Because Joseph put God first, he did not fall to the things of this world. He had great integrity throughout all the trials of his life. Likewise, God gives us so many blessings. Yes, we still have difficulties that we go through, and temptations come our way, but with God we can stand firm knowing that He is with us.

God blesses us with so much, and yet sometimes we are not grateful. In fact, sometimes we might even sin against God. Our choices can damage our integrity, both with God and with other people. Let us hold onto our integrity and make wise choices for the glory of God.

Author: Joseph Heath


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