Painful Choices

October 26th, 2021

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Genesis 27:11-19

Are we ready to bear the consequences of our actions? As imperfect as Rebekah’s obedience to God was, we must acknowledge her courage. As a young woman, she accepted leaving her family and going to marry Isaac, thus following in the footsteps of Abraham. When Jacob mentions the risk that his father will recognize him and thus curse him instead of blessing him, Rebekah responds: “Let your curse be on me” (v. 13). That is indeed what will happen. Out of this messy situation, her dear Jacob will leave, and she will never see him again. Her other son will marry wives who will humiliate her.

We sometimes make imperfect choices. Then we would like to avoid the consequences and pains associated with these choices. Sometimes we can avoid pain, sometimes we can’t. Are we ready to humble ourselves and accept that the difficulties we are in are sometimes the result of decisions we have made? Are we ready to walk with God when pain is a companion we cannot throw out of the window? Let us meditate and learn from the painful journey of Rebekah.

Author: Stéphane Tibi

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