Our Sacrifices For God

October 24th, 2021

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Matthew 10:32-39

Are there topics you avoid when in conversation with friends or family? Perhaps it is someone who mutually has hurt you. Maybe you never talk about politics. Sacrifice is also a topic we don’t naturally discuss. The emptying of ourselves to be filled by God’s Holy Spirit is also not often a popular topic.

The promise of the Holy Spirit is full of excitement and potential: whoever loses their life, finds it. Despite the oxymoron quality of this, it is reality. We see it in nature, and we see it in the salvation story: the death of Christ brings resurrection and new life. So too, the death of self makes space for the believer to be more fully filled, and transformed, by the Holy Spirit.

Have you submitted all your life to Christ? Or do you still hold onto a portion, carefully guarding it? There may be a part of ourselves that we rarely acknowledge, seldom speak of to anyone, including God. Take a moment to broach that part of you in prayer. Submit it to God, allowing Him to have all of you.

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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