Known and Loved

October 17th, 2021

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Psalm 139:1-12

Shame drove Adam and Eve to hide from God in the garden after they ate from the forbidden tree. Although we have been liberated from the curse of sin and shame as God’s people, so often we find ourselves under the weight of it. We hide our true selves from others and from God because we have learned we are not enough.

There is freedom in recognizing that God knows every detail about us. God is present in our darkest caves and at our shining moments of delight. God is present when He is farthest from our thoughts and when we draw near in desperation.

Imagine God’s brilliant light touching the top of your head all the way down to the bottom of your toes. Imagine this light illuminating your every thought, every image seen, every message heard, every word spoken. Imagine the light revealing every weight upon your shoulders, every moment that has broken your heart. God’s light wraps around every part of us.

The One who knows us has chosen to love us more than we can ever possibly know.

Author: Christine Hung

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