Faithfulness of God

October 11th, 2021

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Genesis 15:1-11

Almighty God offers himself to Abram, a mere mortal. How can this be? The Creator of the universe vows to be his covering and protection—a great reward indeed.

For Abram, we would expect these words to bring comfort. He had just challenged and defeated a host of armies and retaliation was imminent. Yet, Abram’s thoughts are elsewhere.

There is an air of sarcasm in Abram’s response. “Sovereign Lord, what can you give me since I remain childless . . . ?” (v. 2). Using the rare and bitter form for the word “childless” accentuates Abram’s complaint. It is the first time we see in scripture where Abram responds to God’s promises, questioning and perhaps even doubting.

How easy it is for our faith to falter in the face of life’s hurdles. How gracious is the Lord when He lovingly meets us in our places of doubt. God reassures Abram and then credits Abram as righteous when he responds to the Lord’s assertions with belief.

How will we look for evidence of God’s faithfulness in our own lives today?

Author: Christine Hung


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