Pass On The Blessing

October 10th, 2021

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Romans 10:12-20

One primary way of blessing others is to share the gospel: Jesus Christ is King! Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can receive forgiveness of sins and experience new creation. The blessing of salvation in Jesus Christ is meant to be shared with those around us.

Paul says that people need to hear the gospel so we must be people who are willing to share the good news. You might think preaching is reserved for pastors, but God has called all of us to be His voice in this world. The words that we speak matter more than we know. The words that flow from our mouths may point people to Christ, or they may point people away.

Paul asks in Romans 10:15, “And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?” Just as Abraham was sent to a new land to be a blessing to the nations, we are sent into new places to reach new people.

Do the words that you speak point people to Jesus? Are you willing to share the good news with those around you, blessing them with the same blessing that God has given you? Who is God asking you to bless today? May we pass on the blessing!

Author: Paul Dazet


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