King of the Castle

September 28th, 2021

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Psalm 127:1-5

An Irish entertainer bought an old castle that needed renovation. He borrowed the money and had the ideas. He hired a contractor. He failed, however, to hire an architect. He skipped that part. He decided where walls went. He chose the dimensions of rooms. He micromanaged. He changed his mind halfway through projects. He changed direction midway.

Eventually, the owner ran off the contractor, lost money, and disrespected the laborers. His architect-less plans were wonky and unsafe. The building was ending up dark, crowded, and hazardous. After the work stalled, the owner finally hired an architect. The architect guided him and began to move forward with an inhabitable building.

So often we are like this owner of a castle. We determine we are the best candidates for making decisions for our lives. We leave the architect of life, love, and grace out, but expect glorious results. Each of us, and those around us, have God available to us through the resurrection of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let’s not wait to go to God.

Where has God called you to move in His grace?

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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