Building Instructions

September 27th, 2021

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Genesis 10:32—11:9

Building blocks are an invitation to see just how high you can stack them. If more than one person is involved, the building can often turn competitive: who can build their tower the tallest. The stakes might be high, but the blocks had better go higher.

The story in Genesis 10 always seemed an odd one to me: folks decided that they would try to build a tower to the heavens, and God strikes it down. Their ambitions ended in a mess and confusion of languages.

The builder had put aside the instructions. Instead of relying on God, these people decided to live their own way. Pride and rebellion put the people at odds with God.

We cannot lay this rebellious streak at a lack of involvement from God. God comes down to see; God is personally involved in what happens on earth (v. 5). God has been reaching out to humanity—trying to guide them in ways that is best for them. Humanity, however, sat down. They stopped moving, spreading out over the earth.

Where has God called you to move in His grace?

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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