Everybody Repent

September 18th, 2021

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2 Peter 3:8-13

The Lord is patient. The Lord wants all to come to repentance. These are beautiful, hope-filled, life-transforming truths. Yet often the world has the very opposite concept of God. They believe that God is angry with them, uncaring, unconcerned, unloving, unfaithful. Some even believe that God inflicts pain and hurt. How tragic that the very message which should birth hope, becomes a twisted message of despair.

Repentance, that true turning away from sin toward God, is a beautiful release from the guilt that we carry. It is a lifting of our burdens. 2 Peter 3 reminds us that the Lord desires that we live free from that weight and beautifully surrendered to the good and gracious indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

How can you give a faithful account today of the Lord’s great love and patience for all who do not yet believe and know His full forgiveness? Ask God for wisdom.

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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