Why Did Christ Die?

September 10th, 2021

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Romans 5:1-8

Christ died for all! He died to bring His people back into relationship with Him. How do we relate to this in our daily lives? When I think about God’s love, I think about how unworthy I am.  For a sinner such as I. Why would Christ want to die for me?

Christ provides us peace with God. To have peace and hope gives us the ability to look beyond ourselves. Christ looked beyond himself and died to give us this peace and hope. There have been days lately that have not seen much peace or hope in our world.  The believers in the days of Jesus’ death seem to have had a similar outlook on the world. They were not sure of the future. The writer in Romans 5 reminds them, and us, of the peace and hope that Christ brings.

Although we struggle, God had a plan to bring us back and to redeem us from even death. Carry your hope and peace with you everywhere you go. Through Christ we can have peace in troubled times and hope for things to come.

Author: Joseph Heath

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