New Beginnings

September 9th, 2021

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John 1:1-14

There are places in the world today that don’t have access to very many new things. They must keep the old things running. They are constantly rebuilding and restoring old things.

Have you ever restored something? Have you brought something that was old, worn out, or not working to new life? Have you got it working again or made it into something new, giving it a second life? Doesn’t it feel great to restore something that was deemed to be no good, but you saw its potential?

God does this all the time. He looks at us and sees our potential with a little molding and refining. Sometimes the refining fire is used to pull out any impurities. Some things must be broken down and built back up piece-by-piece to be restored.

God wants to restore our lives. He wants to restore our relationship with Him and those around us. We don’t always need new things in our lives. Sometimes we just need to allow God to work a little on the old parts to find new life.

Author: Joseph Heath


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