No Shame

September 2nd, 2021

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Genesis 2:16-25

Adam and Eve felt no shame. They did not believe they were flawed and broken, unworthy of love, or unworthy of belonging. They were whole. Adam and Eve were loved, and they knew love. They belonged in the family of God, with the Father dwelling with them in the garden.

God asked, “Who told you that you were naked?” (Genesis 1:11).  God didn’t tell them. The serpent—the one who created shame—must have told them. The serpent said they were naked, broken, and unworthy of love and belonging. Adam and Eve believed the serpent; they went and hid because they knew shame.

God didn’t create shame. Shame wasn’t God’s intention. If you are experiencing shame today, know that God loves you and desires to dwell with you through the power of the Holy Spirit. God wants you to feel no shame now. Don’t let shame define your identity.

From the beginning, God desired you to be part of His loving family living without shame. May God free you from shame so you can experience the peace of knowing Jesus.

Author: Paul Dazet

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