May 23rd, 2021

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Hebrews 7:18-28

My wife bought me a pair of socks recently. The design really appealed to me. The socks say, Mr. PERFECT and picture an apron-clad man pushing a vacuum sweeper with one hand, carrying a cake in the other and holding a rose between his teeth. Maybe my wife was trying to tell me something?

News flash: I am not perfect! The truth is I have my imperfections or “weaknesses,” as the writer of Hebrews calls it. These are the involuntary and inescapable shortcomings, that remain of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.

God calls us to be holy and pure—perfect. We must reflect Christ, the only one who is absolutely pure, holy, and perfect in character and actions. So how can we be Mr. or Ms. Perfect?  Only by allowing Christ into the heart, allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse the heart in a stroke of grace, and daily letting Him lead life can we be perfect. This is Christian perfection and reflects the image of God in Christ. Only then can I be Mr. Perfect.

Author: Derl Keefer


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