I’m Sorry

May 8th, 2021

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Psalm 51:10-19

I’m sorry isn’t enough. When you’ve been wronged or hurt, you might dream of the time you receive an apology. Wouldn’t it feel good to hear that person say, “I’m sorry”?

As good as that would feel, an apology falls flat if nothing changes in that person’s behavior. If I say something offensive to my neighbor, apologize, but then continue to make offensive remarks, am I really sorry? Probably not. An apology without repentance is hollow.

When I repent, I not only apologize for my behavior, but I also change my behavior. As Christians, when we repent we turn away from our sins and toward God. We turn our backs on sin, choosing to allow God’s grace to change our lives in such a way that we lean into God.

Have you found yourself stuck in a cycle of sin and asking forgiveness from God? David had to stand back and allow God to change his heart, making it more like God. Today, allow God to examine your heart and change anything that is not like Him.

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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