May 4th, 2021

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Romans 11:28—12:2

Have you ever called out for mercy? One of the immediate images that comes to my mind is wrestling. My nephew has been a heavyweight wrestler for several years now; he went all the way to the state championship wrestling meet twice. If you have ever watched this sport, you know it can be a bit brutal. Two relatively equal sized people try to take each other to the floor in order to “pin” him. There are a variety of ways to attempt this, and to attempt to not be pinned. Either way, sometimes it can be painful.

As Paul writes to the church in Rome, he is reminding them that they are not the only ones in need of mercy. Others, people like them, are also in need of God’s mercy and grace. We were all at one time at odds with God. None of us were ever acceptable to God before we were recipients of God’s grace through the work of Christ by the power of the Spirit.

If we are tempted to look at another human being and judge them unworthy of mercy, let us remember our own struggles. It is by God’s mercy we are made just, and God’s mercy is available to all.

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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