Kingdom Grafting

May 3rd, 2021

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Romans 11:17-27

Gardeners can use grafting as a method to propagate new plants. It isn’t new. Grafting can be traced back as far as ancient China and Mesopotamia. Grafting is an artificial process of propagation. The new plant that grows from the bud will be exactly like the plant it came from.

A gardener would choose to graft a plant because one plant may be doing poorly. This would allow the desired, weaker plant, to have a chance to flourish. Another reason would be to give the plant certain attributes of the plant to which it is grafted. If a gardener wanted the plant to be hardier or drought resistant, he or she may graft it to a plant with those qualities.

Is it any wonder that God grafts us into His kingdom? God is able to strengthen us, create in us kingdom characteristics, and make us like Christ. If God can do this for us, would we want to withhold such a gift from others? As we encounter people who have not joined the kingdom yet, remember that we are grafts, just as Christ desires for them to be.

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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