Hopeless Without Him

March 22nd, 2021

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Romans 3:9-20

During the week of Palm Sunday, we often reflect on the exciting events of the day. The cheers of “Hosanna” and the waving of palm fronds. The people of Jerusalem were enthusiastic in cheering Jesus on to the victory they were sure He was there to bring. It is a joyous time for the Christian with a somber undertone, for Friday is coming.

Today, we still welcome Jesus into our cities, towns, and villages. Often we put the same conditions on Him as those in Jerusalem did that day so long ago. What can Jesus do for me? We expect Jesus to fix our problems and make us comfortable.

Scripture reminds us, however, that we are lost, helpless, and hopeless without Him. Our comfort means nothing without Christ. Our perfect lives are mere castles in the sky without Jesus.

Let us remember this Palm Sunday that He came to Jerusalem to fulfill His mission. He came to transform from the inside out through His work on the cross and His resurrection. Our sin is deadly. Our hope is in Him.

Author: Suzanne Cook

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