Not Us But Him

March 10th, 2021

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Acts 14:8-18

Election cycles are fascinating social studies. Human rhetoric, relations, and behavior gets highly scrutinized and diversely interpreted. During the 2020 United States presidential campaign I heard someone flatly judge the candidates as only wanting power and prestige. We can easily be tempted to reach these cynical conclusions. How unfortunate, though, to miss the good and true that may very well be present in someone’s motives.

How much more unfortunate when the good news of Jesus is missed because His followers are misunderstood. This can happen at both extremes. Like Paul and Barnabas experienced in Acts, we can receive too much personal praise. Conversely, our faults and failures can garner criticism and reproach.

We are all bound to be misunderstood at some point or another. Are we alert and humble enough to acknowledge our own humanity? May we remember who we are as children of God, not thinking too highly of ourselves but also recognizing our brokenness as windows to the good news of Jesus.

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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