Coming Clean

March 9th, 2021

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Exodus 32:1-20, 30-35

A common relational transaction is often attempted in our lives and in our world. A teenager is out past curfew and a sibling tries to cover for them. Or a business colleague drastically messes up and a senior associate tries to take the heat. We laugh or cringe knowingly, recognizing our own “sins” and the consequences we hope to avoid.

In the early chapters of God’s salvation story in Exodus, Moses attempts a similar maneuver on behalf of the Israelites. He even offers his own eternal standing in exchange for theirs. But God will not accept Moses’ proposals. Those at fault will have to account for their own rebellious actions.

In Jesus we witness another offer to cover the gap between God and humanity. Through Jesus, we can boldly approach and be restored to relationship with a holy God. Will we avoid our responsibility and continue in our ways that separate us from God? Or will we come clean and trust the divine initiative in Christ and be restored?

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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