The Real Source of Relief

February 9th, 2021

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John 4:11-26

The woman at the well was looking for relief for her brokenness and shame. She thought that would come to her by avoiding the people in her life who pointed out her many divorces or her current unmarried relationship. This was a woman who had experienced a great deal of sorrow.

When the woman encountered Jesus, she sought another way to relieve her struggles. When Jesus confronted her with the source of her struggles—her string of broken relationships—she became combative, rehashing a centuries-long debate about proper worship. Jesus navigates through her evasive and combative nature, returning to the truth that will change her life: He is the Messiah, and He can provide the healing and wholeness that she truly craves.

When we are seeking relief from our struggles, it is easy to slip into avoidance or aggression. We use these defensive tactics to keep the brokenness and pain from weighing on our souls. Jesus has a way of cutting through our defenses and reminding us of what will truly bring us healing.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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