The Way of the Cross

February 8th, 2021

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Mark 8:27—9:1

To follow Jesus is always to pursue the giving away of self. From the very beginning, even the most devoted of His disciples have struggled with that truth. Peter correctly identified Jesus as the coming Messiah, and yet he immediately balked at Jesus’ description of what that identity would entail. Jesus knew from the beginning that His journey would culminate at the cross, and that anyone who planned to follow in His footsteps would carry that same burden of self-sacrifice.

To this day, we still struggle with the cross-carrying life that Christ has called His followers to live. Jesus has been clear from the very beginning that His followers would bear the same burden as He did: sacrifice on behalf of others.

Many people for whom we sacrifice will neither understand nor appreciate the love that we give. We may even experience pain and hardship as we give of ourselves for others. None of those things should dissuade us. The kingdom of God advances powerfully, even in our suffering.

Author: Rachel Campbell


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