For His Glory and Our Faith

January 30th, 2021

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John 2:1-12

I confess that sometimes I feel jealous, of sorts, to have not had the opportunity to witness Jesus in the flesh on earth. What an awesome thing it must have been to watch Him perform miracles.

The first recorded miracle of Jesus is tucked away within a community celebrating a wedding. It is fascinating and insignificant and quite poetic—the stuff of romances, really. That first miracle saved nobody from disease, rescued nobody from death, it didn’t even restore limbs or sight. At best, the turning of water into wine saved a family from embarrassment at running out of the stuff of celebration.

God repeatedly uses the metaphor of uniting our created, physical bodies with the glory of heaven for the purposes of our salvation. God come down to earth to dwell in the physical body that God created in order to show us the way to Christ. Marriage and feasts and miracles that make a way into the arms of love. What a cause for celebration!

Author: Teanna Sunberg


One Response to “For His Glory and Our Faith”

  1. Milt Says:

    January 31st, 2021 at 1:42 am

    This first miracle not only is an example of Jesus’s divinity it also illustrates his humanity. He reacted as an obedient child doing as his mother requested (with only one “Why Mom?”). And Mary simply expected her son would do as asked, without additional “pushing”.

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