Walk With Joy!

January 22nd, 2021

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Acts 3:1-10

The beggar sits outside the Beautiful Gate because he is not permitted to enter the temple; his disability excludes him. He sits at the entrance hoping those who can enter will have mercy and provide for his living. He is thinking of his physical needs when he asks Peter and John for money. Peter and John, however, see the opportunity for restoration to true life.

In the name of Jesus, they act like Jesus and raise the man to his feet. He can walk! He can now enter the temple courts! Exclusion to inclusion! Disability to health! Social death to spiritual life! He dances. He praises. He cannot contain his joy.

Throughout scripture the concept of the “walk” with God (ha halak) is emphasized. It underscores relationship with the Lord. That this man walked into the temple courts is significant – he is now walking with God in restored relationship.

May we all walk with the Lord celebrating the true joy of life.

Author: Eva Geddes

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