Only Believe!

January 21st, 2021

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Mark 5:30-43

Many scholars have counted the number of times “fear not!” appears in the Bible. It is a constant refrain because it reveals the state and essence of our relationship with God. We fear because we do not trust. We do not truly believe God is with us, that His power is for us, and that His love is faithful.

The two miracles of healing presented in Mark 5 underscore the centrality of faith to wholeness/holiness. It is the woman’s faith, not just touching the shawl, that heals her (v. 34). She is restored physically and socially, but it is only by faith.

Where the woman is bold, Jairus needs reassurance that all will be well. Jesus tells him outright that he must believe. Fear is the opponent of faith. It can seem strong, and earthly evidence may even support it, but faith can and must conquer fear. Jairus takes the step of faith, follows Jesus, and his daughter is raised. Faith leads to true life!

Author: Eva Geddes


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