All Hail King Jesus

January 17th, 2021

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Psalm 145:8-16

My great grandparents said yes to Jesus on a modest farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. A Wesleyan pastor led them to Christ when my grandfather was young. They raised their 11 children to love Jesus and soon enough were the grandparents of 32 grandchildren. Everyone remembers Kelso’s deep voice saying grace and reading scripture. He passed on a great legacy to generations that followed. Now there are at least 10 ministers in our crazy crew of hundreds. It was all because a Wesleyan pastor invited a young couple to meet Jesus.

King David was the father to many. Now, thousands of years later, his name is common in most circles. He left behind a legacy with his kingship. But even David knew that his reign was temporary. The true King Jesus brought about a kingdom that would never end.

Every generation will know that our God is king and that He reigns. So celebrate King Jesus today. Sing to Him with all your heart. Give Him your life, your all.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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