Made With You In Mind

January 10th, 2021

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Mark 2:21-28

Presents have been unwrapped and most likely your Christmas decorations are finding their old home in the closet, attic, or basement. Do you even remember what gifts you received? Ponder for a moment. Which one stands out the most? Usually the best gifts are the ones that are made with you specifically in mind. My favorites are messily wrapped by a child’s hands; a small pinecone ornament covered in glitter or a Picasso-esque self-portrait.

We keep those gifts around not because of what we can do with them, but because of what they do for us: they fill our hearts with love and remind us of what is important.

The Sabbath was created as a beautiful gift for all humanity. It was made with you in mind. Really, it isn’t about what you can or cannot do with it, but more about what it can do for you. The Sabbath was made to give you rest for your soul, body, and mind. When the gift is not valued for what it is, then its meaning fades. Today, let this gift of the Sabbath fill your heart and mind. Let it be for you today, all that God intended.

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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