Eating With Scum

January 9th, 2021

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Mark 2:13-20

The ones who knew better spoke first. They watched over the sight before them and were certain that this man could not be the Messiah. What king would do such a thing?

I hated jr. high. I was a short girl with glasses, braces, and in the marching band! There were some places I felt safe to be myself. The lunchroom was not one of them. It was an overwhelming site filled with all types of people, nothing to separate us from one another, just a big open space with bodies and food. It got better as time went on. I eventually sat with the same people every day, no need to eat with anyone new. Why? I had found my people.

Jesus had found His people too. Who are those people? The broken, lost, hurting, sick, poor, sinners, tax collectors, thieves. What a group. While the religious looked on with condemnation, the broken looked on with admiration. Jesus had come for them.

Now we are called to follow His example. How are you intentionally ministering to the broken today?

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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