God’s Holiness Is Who He Is

January 1st, 2021

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Exodus 3:1-10

Across the countries of Eastern Europe where I live, one never enters a home without removing shoes. Shoes are staunchly prohibited in your own home and certainly in the home of another. As a guest, it would be a gross insult to bring the dirt, mess, and germs of the street into the home of your host. I’ve often wondered if we should not do the same when we enter the house of God, especially in connection the story of Exodus 3.

The context of this story gives us a glimpse of the holiness of God framed as His great invitation to us to escape the slavery to self and sin, and to enter into freedom in Him. The holiness of God is the love of God for His people and we see that in His rescue of us. The context of this story also reminds us of God’s otherness. God is higher than us; God is God. We are God’s creation. God is powerful. We are weak. God is holy. We are not. And yet, we are invited to take off our shoes and to dwell in God’s presence.

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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