His Ruling Is Final

December 27th, 2020

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Job 12:13-25

My children grew up playing little league baseball in our small Indiana town. We made many memories around the diamond on summer nights, as the lights came on and lightning bugs came out.

We learned lessons around the diamond. Among them was learning to accept the calls the umpire made. Regardless how low you thought the pitch was, or by how far you thought you beat the throw, the umpire’s call created reality. A pitch became a strike as soon as he rang it up.

Anyone who knows baseball these days realizes these things are changing. Managers can now challenge a certain number of calls every game. Thanks to instant replay, rulings can be overturned. However, part of the baseball purist in me longs for the days when the umpire’s call was final.

In a world that believes that no call is final and every ruling is subject to review, Job begs to differ, “To God belong wisdom and power” (v. 13). His ruling is final. His call creates reality. Things are exactly what God says they are.

So, when God calls you beloved, you are.

Author: Brad Buhro


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