God Delights In You

December 22nd, 2020

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Psalm 147:10-20

Spectacular power. Particular focus. Such is the power and understanding of God. It is cosmic in scope. By His faithfulness the seasons come, one after another, each in its time.

It’s not just the seasons. From the myriad stars swirling through the galaxy to the fundamental contingency of the most basic subatomic particles, the universe at every scale is held together by the faithfulness of God, being sustained by His powerful word.

While the power of God is cosmic in consequence, its character is personal. God’s word orders and sustains His creation, but His delight rests on those who fear Him and trust in His unfailing love. He exults in those who fully rely on Him.

In His pleasure, God is moved to action. God strengthens those who trust in Him. God blesses those who rely on Him. God satisfies those whose hope is in Him. We worship an all-powerful and intimately personal God.

Author: Brad Buhro

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