He Calls Them All By Name

December 21st, 2020

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Psalm 147:1-9

There is something exciting about being able to look into the deep night sky and call out a heavenly body by name. Whether it’s pointing out the North Star among all the starry host, picking out the pink shades of far off Mars, recognizing a familiar cluster of stars as a constellation, or watching over successive nights as the Great Bear treks its way across the sky, finding something familiar out of the numberless lesser lights is exciting.

Only they aren’t numberless. They may be uncountable to the human mind, but they have a number, and there is One who not only knows that number, He has determined it. Not only does He know the number of the stars in their totality, He knows them each by name.

This is the power and understanding of our God: spectacular in its breadth; particular in its focus. The only thing more amazing than the magnitude of God’s power and understanding is the end toward which He employs it. What does God do with this infinite knowledge and might? He heals the brokenhearted and sustains the humble.

Author: Brad Buhro


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