Hold On To Christ

November 21st, 2020

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1 John 2:12-17

1 John 2 cautions us against loving the world. When we love the world and anything in it, we hold on to it, rather than Christ. Giving up everything you have in the world comes with a choice. Where do you even begin calculating what it means to give up everything? Perhaps we think of our material possessions, the car, house, and furniture. What about our desires, our dreams, and our future? To be Christ’s disciple we must put Him first: His desires, His dreams, and His future for us.

As Christians we are to be more like Christ. We are to choose His ways over our ways in everything. As the relationship with Christ develops, we can be more like Him because we know Him better. As we grow in Him it becomes easier to follow Him and to give up each thing in accordance to His will.

The sacrifices that we make when choosing to follow Christ will never compare to the blessings that He has for us when we give up everything.

Author: Joseph Heath


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