Honor and Blessing

October 16th, 2020

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Proverbs 20:17-21

Words have power. They can either build up or tear down. They can be encouraging or discouraging. They can speak blessing or curses.

In ancient times, a curse was meant as a prophecy toward an eventual reality. It was far more than just wishing something bad to fall upon another person. All of us have experienced the power of harsh words, insults, and painful rebukes. Those are destructive. However, curses are rooted in deep hatred and cause irreparable harm, especially to family relationships. According to Proverbs 20, those who curse not only do damage to their relationships, but also cause harm to themselves.

Think about the words you use when speaking to others. Consider the intent behind them. We may not curse someone in the sense of calling on evil spirits to exact revenge on people we don’t like, but we do in a sense if our purpose is to wish for bad things to happen to others.

Today, invite God to guide your speech. May your words carry blessing to others.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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