September 24th, 2020

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Acts 7:37-43

Rejection is painful. Have you ever experienced a time when you were rejected by another? To be rejected is traumatic.

Rejecting someone is also a matter of choice. In Stephen’s speech in Acts 7, he reminds his attackers that God had rescued Israel from slavery. God brought them out of Egypt and set them on the path to the Promised Land. God gave them commandments in order to help them have healthy relationships with God and others. God did so much for Israel, and Israel rejected God.

The people thought they could find a better substitute for God. They choose to turn away—reject—God. God doesn’t force anyone to be in relationship with Him. However, there are consequences to our choice to reject and those consequences can’t be avoided.

A right relationship with God is such a blessing. Which would you choose? The consequences of rejection or the blessing of acceptance?

Author: Erik Gernand


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