Heartfelt Apology

September 18th, 2020

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Romans 6:15-23

We are trying to teach our son to be kind, to consider others, to share, to be respectful, and so on. Those things don’t always come naturally or easily. Often we ask our son to apologize for something he has done wrong. We can tell when the apology is from the heart and when it is not.

I never questioned the fact that we had a carnal nature. Being a parent, however, has taught me even more about it. My son has never seen me kick or scream or bite or spit when I didn’t get my way and yet he has tried those things when he was upset. It is not something he learned, it was something he already knew.
Being a slave to sin is what comes naturally because we live in a fallen world. However, thanks be to God, we can learn to live a new way. We can be made new and whole in Christ and we can obey from our heart. We can become more Christlike everyday if we seek Him and His way as we continually “renew our hearts” and minds.

Author: Beth Heath


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