September 17th, 2020

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Romans 2:17-24

Our son is a preschooler and has some pretty amazing questions.  Some questions are repetitive: Is my rest time over yet? Can I wear shorts (when it is freezing cold)? Other times his questions make us stop and think. His questions can get right at the heart of the matter. Sometimes his questions show us ways that we are missing the mark in our attempts to be godly parents pointing him to Christ.

The Bible is full of questions meant to make us stop and examine the ways we are thinking, believing, and living. The writer of Romans asks a series of questions in chapter two that remind us to be careful in casting judgment on others. We have all broken the law. Who are we to boast in a law that we have also broken? When we boast about being followers of Christ, but fail to love God and to love others, then we dishonor Him.

Today think of ways you may be saying you are a Christ-follower but are failing to follow Him in your actions and deeds. Ask God to give you the grace to follow Him with your entire life.

Author: Beth Heath

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