The Kingdom of Heaven

September 4th, 2020

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Matthew 5:1-12

Jesus begins His inaugural sermon with a powerful word, “blessed.” Blessed is what all believers long to be. To be blessed means God is active on our behalf.

Yet, those blessed are “the poor in spirit.” They are the spiritually impoverished. They are neither deluded hypocrites nor this world’s wealthy and secure. They know their spiritual poverty. They know that unless God acts on their behalf they are without hope in this world or the next.

“For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Not an earthly kingdom. That can be lost. Instead, a kingdom that will stand forever. A kingdom where God rules. A kingdom of true blessedness. A kingdom of peace and justice. A kingdom without poverty or exploitation. The “poor in spirit” realize that they have no claim to such a kingdom. This kingdom will not be won. It is given. It is theirs (and ours) alone by the loving grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Author: Duane Brush


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