Rejoice In God!

August 9th, 2020

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Psalm 43:1-5

In Philippians, the apostle Paul encourages the body of Christ to rejoice, always, in the Lord. Rejoice in good times and in bad, regardless of the circumstances.

Let’s be real, sometimes this is easier said than done. And yet, we must. When we go to the altar of God, it should be with an honest (authentic) humility (unpretentious). Fears, doubts, questions, despair…all of those are welcome. Even amidst all of those, we must come to realize and confess that God is good. He is good. He is love. He is worthy of your praise.

So much more than being thankful, or singing His praises, the true invitation is to celebrate His true nature. Take a moment to ask yourself: is God your joy and your delight? Is it only what God has done for you that you cherish? Or is it the gift of himself?

Is your hope in God alone? Take time to celebrate God for who He is.

Author: Aimee Stone Cooper


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