God Has A Plan For Us

June 7th, 2020

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John 1:1-14

What does it mean to you to “receive Christ”? In Christian circles we often toss this phrase around as though it means something limited to a cognitive agreement that Jesus, alone, is Lord. Yes, that is both significant and critical. However, this is not enough. “Receiving Christ” has more to do with our living than our thinking. Receiving Him means everything is now different: It is new, redeemed, restored, and whole.

If nothing else, “the right to become” phrase should be an indication to us, as well as a reminder, that spiritual growth is a process. We are still becoming.

Being God’s children (for, that is what we are!) is one of the most profound gifts in all of Scripture. It means “we” are actually an “us.” We are not on our own. We are not independent, isolated, or alone. It means that we belong to an eternal family and to an everlasting promise. To God be all glory.

Author: Aimee Stone Cooper


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