Do You Know His Voice?

May 18th, 2020

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John 10:1-10

I will never forget my mom’s voice. When I was a kid, even if we were in a public place, all she had to do was clear her throat and she had my full attention. That sound, that only she could make, could turn my head in a crowded room. It still does. I’ve spent enough time in my life listening to her voice that I would know it anywhere.

I get confused when I hear Christian people explain their sin by saying something akin to, “I just listened to the wrong voice this week” or “Satan’s been whispering in my ear again.” It puzzles me because it flies in the face of this passage from John 10. Jesus makes it pretty clear: If we are His sheep, we will be able to recognize His voice, even in the midst of a cacophony of other voices. If we can’t, perhaps we need to examine whether we really are His sheep. Perhaps we should spend more time with the Shepherd. Only through hearing and following His voice will we have fullness of life.

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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One Response to “Do You Know His Voice?”

  1. Deb Barton Says:

    May 22nd, 2020 at 10:13 am

    Amen. Know the Lord! Be his Sheep

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