God’s Heart

May 17th, 2020

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Psalm 146:1-10

I enjoy studying theology and the development of Christian history. However, that is not where my hope lies. My hope for this world begins and ends in the God of the universe.

Psalm 146 is a summary of the greatness of God and His love and care for all humanity—not just believers. Who are the blessed? The hungry, the blind, the oppressed, the prisoner, the widow, the foreigner and all the blessed. They are blessed as they put their hope in God to help them.

In a very practical sense, that is the role of the Church. We are an extension of God’s help and hope in this world. As believers we know the value of crying out to God for help and hope. The Bible has much to say about where the Church should put its efforts and resources. There is no mistaking that the Bible tells us often that God cares for those who are without advocates in this world.

How can you be involved in God’s work of offering hope and help to those who need it most?

Author: Carol Rittenhouse


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