Only Jesus

April 23rd, 2020

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John 5:1-15

Only Jesus can break through all barriers to heal us. Only Jesus is able to pinpoint the neediest in a sea of disabled people. Only Jesus didn’t need to wait for an angel to stir the waters.

Only Jesus is not afraid to heal on the Sabbath. Only Jesus would seek out one He had healed and point him to higher purposes, the healing of his soul.

At Rest Stop Ministries, they work with women who’ve been invalids for many years and, like this man at the Pool of Bethesda, there have been multiple barriers to finding healing. They’ve been in bondage to the invalidating trauma and complex residual effects. Many testify to being in and out of multiple treatment centers until they find a new measure of healing in Jesus at Rest Stop.

They know the true Healer and boldly introduce them to Him. Do you want to get well? Jesus is your only sure hope!

Author: Rondy Smith


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