Praise Deepens Healing

April 22nd, 2020

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Luke 17:11-19

“As they went, they were cleansed” (Luke 17:14b). It is striking to see the healing come swiftly as the ten lepers obeyed without question Jesus’ directive to go show themselves to the priests. It is equally striking that though ten obeyed and ten were healed, only one returned to give thanks and praise the healer. It is only to this one cleansed leper that Jesus speaks a deeper healing: “Rise and go; your faith has made you well” (v. 19b).

I don’t want just an external cleansing . . . a superficial healing. I want to be made well down to the core of my deepest faith. Praising the One who does any work at all in me, brings me to a place of recognizing even more wellness that can be mine in Christ Jesus.

Don’t be so ready to leave Jesus’ presence once you receive the first thing you desired; there is deeper healing to be done. Return to Him again and again with such heartfelt thanksgiving for what He’s done for you thus far.

Author: Rondy Smith


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