The Most Beautiful Message

April 3rd, 2020

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John 3:10-21

Nicodemus was a man full of questions. Sneaking away to see Jesus in the middle of the night, he was curious to know more about this man who had performed miracles. How could this Jesus heal the sick if He were not from God?

As a teacher, Nicodemus was looking for straight-forward answers to his questions, but instead, Jesus challenged the foundation of his beliefs. The Jewish political class rejected the testimony of those who had encountered Jesus’ power. How could Nicodemus understand the mysteries of God when he would not recognize the miracles performed right in front of him? Instead of sending Nicodemus on his way frustrated in his unbelief, Jesus shares with him the best news this world would ever hear.

We do not know how long Nicodemus and Jesus spoke that night, but Jesus’ words touched his heart. Nicodemus later defended Jesus before the Sanhedrin and eventually helped prepare Jesus’ body for burial after He was crucified. We see the motive of God’s action in this world in today’s scripture: God loved.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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