Light in the Dark

April 2nd, 2020

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John 12:37-50

Darkness can be scary and intimidating. It takes away our vision. Familiar paths seem uncertain. Known objects can transform into frightening shadows. The tiniest bit of light, however, chases away the shadows.

Jesus was and is the Light of the world. The Light revealed the darkness of sin, selfishness, ambition, and power. He came into a world of people trying to follow the Way without seeing the path clearly. Instead of embracing the Light, some still chose to live in darkness, because honestly, living in the Light would require too much personal change.

Sin thrives in darkness. It fosters confusion and fear. When God’s presence illuminates our hearts, His light will always shine most brightly into the areas of our lives that He wants to change so that we can enjoy a right relationship with the Creator of that light. Are you allowing the Light to sweep away the darkness in your life?

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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